Code of Conduct

Lattie Coor School has created a school wide code of conduct in order to maintain a safe learning environment for all children where students have primary responsibility for their words and actions.  This Code of Conduct is to be followed any time a student is on campus.  This applies to before and after school, as well as at all school activities, including transportation on the school bus.  Disregard for the Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action. 

  1. Be respectful:  I will respect other people in my words and/or actions.

I will listen and answer politely when spoken to.

I will use appropriate language for school at all times.

I will keep my hands and feet to myself at all times (includes pushing, shoving and fighting of any kind).

I will not verbally, physically, or sexually threaten, harass, or harm any student or staff member.

  1. Be Safe:  I will play and act in a safe and respectful manner at all times.

I will follow the playground rules at all times.

I will line up/return to class when signaled/asked to do so.

I will use the sidewalk to move from one area of the school to another calmly and quietly.

I will wait quietly and calmly when required to do so.

I will not throw any objects in or outside the classroom.

  1. Be Responsible:  I will respect all school property and the school environment.

I will follow all school district policies.

I will respect other people’s property and take care of items given to me to use.

I will keep the school and bus clean and always dispose of trash appropriately.

I will keep toys, electronic devices, candy/gum, and personal items at home and not bring them to school.

I will not vandalize, damage, or misuse school property.

  1. Be Cooperative:  I will follow the district dress code.

I will keep my shirt tucked in.

I will wear proper clothing suited to seasonal weather.

  1. Be Prepared and On Time:  I will respect the school timetable.

I will arrive at school/class on time and prepared.

I will leave school promptly and safely at dismissal time.

I will report directly to the bus area, parent pick-up, or after school care.

I will use my time effectively when traveling around the campus.