Suggested Student Supply List

Second Grade Supplies (Suggested)

Below is a list of suggested supplies for our 2nd grade classroom. If you can donate any items, it would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to bring donation items in on "Meet the Teacher Night" Thursday, July 31st.

Individual Supplies

For 2nd grade, students are responsible for keeping their own supplies. Supplies must fit inside desks. This may be a change from 1st grade. Supplies stay here at school to encourage students to be better prepared. You may want to ensure that your child's personal desk items are labeled with his/her name.  These items are suggested to help ensure a successful this year:

*a backpack that fits into the cubbies  
(No Wheels, please) 

*1 1 1/2 inch 3 ring binder labeled with your child's name (will hold agenda)

*2 Non-spiral notebooks for Writing and Word Work ("Composition Books") 

*1 pocket folders labeled with your child's name and "Homework" (goes in binder)

*1 white board with dry erase marker and erase

  • *a positive attitude 

  • Desk Supplies:

    *a small supply box (MUST fit inside of student desk) to hold:

    -writing pencils (2-3)
    -crayons or color pencils (No markers, please)
    -highlighter (any color)
    -2 glue sticks

    Optional Items for Supply Box:

    -1 set of earbuds and 1 stylus   (for iPad use)
    -hand pencil sharpener 

  • Classroom Supplies

    These are some supplies that we use as a whole group throughout the year. You not need to label these items with your child's name, but we will know who to thank when we use those items in class.  If you can donate any, please do so. Due to limited storage space, I would ask:

    Girls  Boys   Anyone
     1 pack lined paper  bleach wipes  stickers
     erasers  1 box of tissues  highlighters
     large/small zip bags  paper bags  pencils
     1 bottle of sanitizer  dry erase markers  glue sticks
               1 pack blank white paper

    Because we have limited storage space in the classroom and work on projects throughout the year, I may be sending requests home for additional supplies.