Flipped Videos
This sections contains videos of concepts and standards we will be working on in class.  
Flipped Classrooms are a widely growing approach to teaching and learning. Students learn/reinforce material at home through teacher made videos or links. Videos can be viewed as often as needed at home. Students come to class with a basic working knowledge of the skill or concept.  Teachers are then able to better differentiate for individual students by providing more one on one time for guided practice, enrichment, or reinforcement of those concepts.  Also, parents can not only see, but participate in their child's learning, which will also reinforce skills. Students will need to have parental involvement and internet access at home, which is suggested to fully reap the benefits of this STEM class.
Students should watch the videos before coming to class.  The weekend before seems to work well.  I will use videos that I make myself through 'Show Me' and/or Knowmia, or that others make to cover concepts, such as NASA or Khan Academy.
Short Vowel Review Lesson, click  HERE. (This is homework for the first week of school.)
R.I.C.E. Strategy Review Lesson,  click   HERE .  (This is also under 1st week homework.)