My Resources

The series we use in school is Macmillan/McGraw Hill and there are a lot of resources available on their site for parents and students here: Treasures

This is a website that I use weekly in my classroom.  It is a wonderful reading resource and the kids love it.  It has four levels that teah pre-k through 2nd grade skills.  There are movies, plays, stories and games that kids can use to learn.  It starts the "ABCs" section that deals with sound and letter naming instruction.  Then the "Learn to Read" section begins with phonics lessons.  Next is the "It's Fun to Read" and "I'm Reading" sections which focus more on reading stories.  
We are using FOSS kits to teach hands-on science lessons.  There are wonderful games and media to enhance the kits at: FOSS web

This is a fun site for parents and students to explore.  There are math activities, science discoveries, reading opportunities and songs. 
The imaginary neighborhood called Kiptown is home to a curious giraffe who learns as he explores sites in his community.  KIPTOWN

This site has interactive games (math, reading, arcade, playground), web books and comics.  It is a lot of fun and kids can learn as they play.

Here is a great site for students to math facts, algebra and spelling.  Kids love it and get really excited about competing against students from other countries.  It is also fun to bring out a globe to show where the other students are from for a quick geography lesson.  The flags link you to a wikipedia site about the country.  Tutpup

PBS: Read and Play
Kids love to learn.  
PBS KIDS Raising Readers is a national literacy campaign, and part of the Ready To Learn initiative, focused on building reading skills at home, at school, in child care, and in the community.  This site is a fun, interactive way for kids to build reading skills. 
PBS Kids: Raising Readers